Podcasting lesson for beginners

The following post is everything a journalism teacher would need to do a two day lesson on podcasting. Journalism teachers with online media can benefit from teaching their students how to do podcasts. They are easy and fun to do and a fresh twist to posts on your multimedia websites. I have included a keynote, two part lesson on podcasting and editing a podcast, along with two homework sheets and grading rubrics to go along with the lessons. The worksheets also have hyper links in case you put them on Moodle like we do at our school. If you have any questions on the lesson, please feel free to email me at cgravit1@kent.edu.  Also, I noted that before you begin the lesson, I advise you to tell your students to download Audioboom on their phone or Ipad prior to the day you teach this.

Podcasting Lesson Planhttps://drive.google.com/a/kent.edu/file/d/0B6gHZMHmltgYZ2dwTG1kSTVFczA/view?usp=sharing

Name:  Candice Gravitt

School: Faith Lutheran

City, State Las Vegas, NV

Prior to this lesson: Have students for homework download the application AudioBoom on their smartphones.

Title: Podcasting

Overview and Rationale: This lesson will introduce students to podcasting. Students will learn what a podcast is, what some of the popular podcasts are, how to record a podcast and how to edit and export one.

Goals for Understanding: First, podcasting is a medium that lends itself to mobile consumption, and thus provides a means for reaching audiences in ways other media cannot.

Second, podcasting offers a level of engagement with audiences that is incomparable with other digital media; it thus presents a remarkable opportunity for journalistic outlets to cultivate audience relationships and experiment with new forms of revenue generation.

Essential Questions:

  • What is podcasting?
  • What journalistic value does a podcast have and how can we use them in our media?
  • How do you find podcasts and What are some popular podcasts?
  • What tools do you need to record a podcast?
  • How do recent scandals in the newspaper business affect its credibility with its readers?

Overviews and Timeline:

Activity 1 (One 50-minute class)

First play the Keynote “Podcasting with Mrs. Gravitt” https://ksuprod-my.sharepoint.com/personal/cgravit1_kent_edu/Documents/Podcasting%20with%20Mrs%20Gravitt.pptx?web=1

This Keynote will take 20 min. There are two videos in the presentation, the second one play until she talks about editing in Garage Band and tell the students next class they will edit their podcasts in Audacity.

Part 2 of Activity: have the students open up Audio Boom and explore the application. Make an account and search for their interests.

Next, Give them time to listen to podcasts and share one they are interested in with the class.

PASS out worksheet and rubric attached here: (it is also attached at the end of lesson plans)


Give them the rest of the class period to plan for the podcast. Think of who they will interview, what type of podcast they will do, what kind of questions they will ask.

Class discussion on ideas for podcast they will do.

Take questions, lend out equipment for homework.

Activity 2 (One 50-minute class)

Editing Podcast: Students will be introduced to editing program called Audacity.

Essential Questions:

How do you edit in Audacity?

What are the reasons for editing podcast?

What kind of audio issues will you have and how can you solve them?

OVERVIEW and Timeline:  Students will watch Camtasia tutorial on Editing in Audacity. Then they will edit their audio project and put it into the crusaderchronicle.com

    Editing in Audacity: Camtasia Video
  • Have them watch the video and then download Camtasia and begin editing their podcast.

Assessment (One 50-minute class)

Students will produce their own edited podcast following the rubric. Allow time to share those podcasts that want to be shared. Talk as a class about what worked and what students liked about the podcast. Things will come up like sound problems, lulls in conversation and editing hitches… talk about those things as a class. Publish the ones that fit well with the crusaderchronicle.com.

Teacher will assess what issues students have with their podcasts in the rubric an address those concerns with student.

***** all worksheets or handouts required to do the lesson.

Podcasting Part 1 Rubric Due Next Class Period

25 Points Possible/Classwork grade

______ Introduction of yourself and your guest   (5points)

______ Interesting topic  with at least 3 open ended questions  (5 points)

_______ Audio is clear, not muffled or static and can hear both parties equally (10 Points)

_______ Photo and published to AudioBoom (5 points)

Part 2 Rubric Due Edited version due next block

Editing in Audacity/Edited and posted version of Podcast 25 points

______ Sound is consistent and well heard throughout (10 points)

______ Edited out ums, lulls in interview, studdering, long pauses (5 points)

______ Introduction of yourself, your guest and conversation flows (5 points)

______ Project is exported and posted on the crusaderchronicle.com (5 points)


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