Storytelling with video

Digital storytelling is why I teach broadcasting. I love walking around thinking about what would fascinate or educate an audience. Visually, I constantly approach topics by thinking about how to inform an audience of new, exciting and different things going on in the city.

For this project, I thought it would be fun to shoot a team building event our staff was doing a few weeks back for staff development. I heard the word Bubble Soccer and was curious.  What is Bubble Soccer you might wonder? Watch the video below!

A few things that I learned was I needed a “Hoodman”. This is a little viewfinder shade for the camera meant for extreme outdoor lighting. I didn’t bring this to the shoot and could not leave, for fear I would miss the event.  As I always tell my students, plan ahead of time what shots you will really need and want for your video. In my case, I took the advice but did not prepare to not be able to see what I was shooting.

Another lesson learned, I do not suggest for your first project you shoot a sporting event. Balls are hard to follow and players are too. When shooting an event that you can not go back and shoot again (which is normal in broadcast), it is really important to plan. Inevitably, though something will go wrong, just know that.

I edited the video in Adobe Premiere CS6. My professional editing back round is still from the old days of linear editing. Oh, how I miss that. I still know how badly I want a story to look and sound like but it doesn’t always come out that way. I like Premiere and teach it to my students. Audio is always the challenge for many of them, including myself. Poor audio will break your story, so it is really important to shoot good audio as well as edit in the 6-12 range. In this assignment, I learned how important it is to have the shots you need. I did not shoot a lot of close ups. As I explained, I couldn’t see what I was shooting.

If I shot this all over again, I would have gotten close up shots of the ball, more close ups of maybe someone blowing a whistle too. I tell my students over and over get close ups for cut away shots!

What I love about my project is it is funny and I interviewed a lot of teachers. I let the teachers tell the story. That is what I loved. I laughed outloud watching them bite the dust on the turf and I hope you did too!

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