Spicing up projects with polls, maps and timelines

In this week’s assignment for Teaching Multi Media graduate course I am taking, was to create a map, a poll and a timeline. The first thing I thought of was a few years back, a student of mine asked how to create a map that would show where every student graduating from Faith Lutheran would be attending college in the fall. This was the first year I took over the newspaper journalism class and took the newspaper online to save money on printing basically. Anyway, sadly I had no idea how to create an online map. Sabrina was upset. She had been a student of the prior journalism class for 3 years and printed that every year. Well, Sabrina I know how now!

In Google maps it is quite simple if you follow these steps;

1) Open Google Maps
2) Select My Maps
3) Add a location
4) Change colors of pin

Embed the map into WordPress took some work. You have to make sure you have the Embed code of the map. This was a simple project and if I can do it anyone can! You will find my map in a previous post. I needed some assistance with WordPress.com. The live chat people are super helpful.

Creating a poll is pretty simple as well. I used polldaddy.com. Polldaddy is attached to Word Press so if you create a poll in Word Press it is simple to put onto your site. Polls are a way to get your audience engaged in your website. I did my poll to find out how the readers of my blog get their news. This works for a multi media class because in order to cater to the audience, we need to know how they obtain news. My poll you will also find in a previous post since I did that one last week.

Finally, Tiki-Toki timelines had me joking with my fellow classmate Lindsey Ross. I said “This Rikki Tiki-Tavi thing has me going crazy.” But I will say spending time on learning how to make a timeline could be very resourceful for your students. In fact, I sent the following link out on the mass email to all the teachers I work with. This is the tutorial video I found to be the most helpful.

Here are some things I learned that will be helpful to you when creating a timeline.

1) Plan out your timeline and know that it is time consuming (at least 2 hours)
2) Think titles and milestones for each “story” and where you want to place each item.
3) Photographs are very hard to put into your timeline unless they are copied from Wikipedia. If you use that type of photo, right click to copy URL. If you purchase the plan for $7.95 a month you can get the option to upload from your desktop.
4)The most important advice is to draw the timeline out possibly before or at least sketch it out because you really have to have things in order otherwise they will not be on the timeline.

5) You can not create another timeline in this plan you can only create one. I don’t understand why but if you have a great project I suggest you use this timeline feature. Word Press does not support Tiki-Toki, so you may want to search for a different timeline website that Word Press does support. Here is the link to my timeline of my middle school students putting together a weather report.


I recommend all three of these elements. I really enjoyed learning how to do these. There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube.com if you get stuck.  My students will come up with some great ways to utilize maps, timelines and polls on our multi media platform and I hope you will too.

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